Facebook not Working on Android : Fixed

For a very long time now I have been experiencing “Facebook not Working” on my Android phone. Sometimes it would work fine and close from homepage which I can’t tell whether it is due to the server outage. So, if you have the same problem that says “Facebook not working on Android” here is a guide for you.

Although, I am not a member of the Facebook team to tell whether the error is due to a server outage or not. Why Facebook isn’t loading is best known to the platform team. However, most times, this problem is under users control, most especially, when Android users ran into the saying”Facebook not working on Android” without any technical issue.

There is no single magic to fix the problem is this is occurring due to server outage or bandwidth outage from the Facebook server. However, this minor issue may due to an outdated app, not clearing caches are usual, and some other minor issues here is a fix for you.

Here is a trick to fix Facebook not working

Facebook not Working on Android : Fixed

Fix: Facebook not Working on Android

Note: For both Android and iOS (iPhone) users, these procedures would possibly not work if the Facebook not loading error is due to the server down. Else, proceed to fix the error once and for all.

Update Facebook App to the Latest Version

Facebook team roll out updates every time to make sure the app is above all hurdles and fix loopholes in the app. However, if you are fond of not following the trend to get the latest app or the Messenger app, then, you stand the chance to face “not working” on your device.

If you are using Facebook APK you can download the update on your device if you are using TutuApp

If you are however using the official Facebook app or the Facebook Lite app here is how to update the app.

Note: Make sure you are connected to the internet on your device

  • Launch the Google Play store app on your device
  • Tap on the more menu option
  • Click on apps & games
  • Tap on the Facebook app or Facebook Messenger if the problem is with the Facebook Messenger
  • Tap on the update option

Wait for some seconds or minutes at most depending on your internet speed and install the latest update. Note that this update won’t clear your app data. You can log into your Facebook account once the update is done and the “Facebook not working on Android” will be cleared.

Clear the Facebook App Caches

When you are faced with “Facebook not working on Android” error message clearing the app caches can help to fix the error message once and for all. While updating the app to a newer version is still very much recommended clearing the app caches shouldn’t be given a less priority.

  • Go to Phone settings
  • Tap on the Apps or Application manager
  • Find the Facebook app 
  • Tap on the app
  • Click on storage under the Facebook app icon
  • Tap on clear caches

This should take less than a minute and everything will be fine as expected. To prevent future occurrences always set your app to auto-update or always do a manual update the moment you noticed that there is a newer available.

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