How I Fixed “Facebook Not Working”

Do not feel devastated when your Facebook app stopped working for no reason and you couldn’t log into your Facebook account on the mobile app. If the not working problem is limited to the mobile app, it means that it’s not a global problem, you are the only one experiencing it. I was in your shoe a few days ago and here is how I was able to fix the “Facebook not working” error message without deleting the Facebook app or formatting my phone.

Facebook is one of the few apps we can’t do without in a day. WhatsApp and Instagram are a few of the apps we use every day to meet new friends, talk to friends, share our new look, and many more. However, when either of these apps stopped working it could be a heartbreaking story to tell.

Therefore, it’s very important to keep to ourselves what make us happy always. For this, I am not going to deny you how to make Facebook not working work again with little or no stress at all.

If you are faced with the common Facebook error message, Pname com Facebook orca error message you should consider checking it out. The error is different from the error you encountered with Facebook app manager error which uncontrollable makes your phone to either restart uncontrollable or drain your phone battery in a matter of minutes.

If you would like to fix the com.facebook.appmanager error too here is a complete fix guide I shared to help you fix the com.facebook.appmamanger error on your smartphone without deleting the official Facebook app.

Facebook Not Working

How to Fix Facebook Not Working

Here are the tested approaches to fix the Facebook app not working error message when you are faced with the difficulties on your smartphone. It works with Android and iOS devices. The solution is also confirmed on a Windows phone.

Use the Official Facebook Mobile App

If you ain’t using the official Facebook app it’s time to switch to it now. With the constant Facebook app update in the Google play store, Apple store, and, Windows store, all bugs are fixed and using a non-official Facebook app can make you lack the new feature to fix it. That is why you should switch to the official Facebook app instead of the APK version.

Update Facebook App Often

Facebook rolled out a constant update to fix bugs and make sure the app is working fine. However, if you are faced with Facebook not working, it could be because you have updated the app to the recent update which helps to fix bugs and error message causing the Facebook app to crash.

For a fast method, you can set the Facebook mobile app to automatic update so that you wouldn’t have to do the update manually. Once an update is available, you will be the among the first to get the update.

Clear Facebook Caches

This approach doesn’t not only help to fix Facebook not working, it’s also a means to solve the “Facebook app has stopped responding” error message when you launch the Facebook app messenger on your phone.

With caches app, this is done automatically, however, if you ain’t using a caches app you should consider clearing the app caches manually to restore the messenger app to its default settings without losing data.

Other approaches to fix the Facebook app not working or when the app stopped working all of a sudden is to restart your device. Do not remove the app yet, just restart your device and start the app again. That could be the only thing you need to do to restore the app to its initial state.

If you are still faced with this error message kindly use the comment section so we can help further.

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