How to Log Out of Coin Master

The only way to log out of Coin Master is to remove the app permission from your Facebook account to enable Ghost mode in the free spins and coin village building game.

Coin Master is a popular game on Facebook that requires the social media person to play and invite your friend to play with you. Coin Master free spins and coin game is not a hide and see game.

That means that to play the game and see your friends list, raid friends coins, send spins to friends, claim spins from friends, build your village and have a full record and win Coin Master rare cards you must log in to the game with your Facebook account.

Therefore, if you are struggling with how to log out of Coin Master, here is a guide to follow.

How to Log out of Coin Master

How to Log Out of Coin Master on Android/iPhone

If you have the official Facebook app installed on your Android or iPhone then there is a means to log out from within the app and turn on Coin Master ghost mode.

  • Launch the Facebook mobile app.
  • Click on the “Hamburger” to the top-right.
  • Click on “Settings & Privacy” to expand the menu.
  • Click on “Settings” and tap “Apps and Websites.”
  • Click on “Logged in with Facebook.”
  • Click on the “Coin Master” logo to edit it.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the “Coin Master” App details and click “Remove” opposite “Remove App.”
  • Click on the “Remove” under “Remove Coin Master” button to log out.

How to Logout Coin Master on Web

Just the way you log out from the Coin Master game from your Facebook account and you can do the same thing on the Facebook web to put the game into a safe or ghost mode.

  • Open a web browser and log into your Facebook account.
  • Click on the “Account” menu and click on “Settings & Privacy.”
  • Click on “Settings” again.
  • Scroll down the left pane and click on “Apps and Websites.”
  • Click on view and edit “Coin Master.”
  • A pop up will appear. Scroll down and click on “Remove” where you see “Remove this app.”
  • To remove all information related to Coin Master on your timeline check “Delete posts, videos or events Coin Master posted on your timeline” and click “Remove.
  • If you want to notify Coin Master developers that you have removed the app from your Facebook account, check the notification option and click on “Remove.”

To confirm that you have successfully logged out Coin Master click on the “Removed” tab you should see Coin Master and other apps that you have removed from your Facebook account.

Now, your Coin Master game will switch to a ghost mode and all coins, spins, and the village will remain intact and hide from raiders and attackers.

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