How to Play Coin Master in Ghost Mode

If there is a feature that Coin Master lacks is the guest mode option to hibernate the game for as long as your want without losing your accumulated coins to friends who might steal them and make your village subjected to attack from your friends.

The fact remains that Coin Master guest mode is not possible logged users on mobile and on PC. Once you choose the Facebook login option you can no longer appear as a guest playing the game. However, to secure your coins and protect your empire you’d need to appear in guest mode otherwise all effort will be proved abortive.

Although you can use “free spins Coin Master daily” to fix your village and earn unlimited coins and free spins worth 400 at the same to rejuvenate what has spoilt. However, it’s better protected than repairing what you have built and losing your free coin spins to your friend you may launch an attack on your coins and village.

How to Turn on Coin Master Ghost Mode

There is no ghost mode in Coin Master so there is no direct approach to enable or turn on the feature. The ghost mode is supposed to protect your free spins on Coin Master and free coins at the same time.

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However, the only possible way to use ghost mode on Coin Master is not to log into your Coin Master account with your Facebook. Or better still, you will need to revoke the access granted to the app on Facebook and choose ghost mode when next you want to play the game.

Therefore, here in this guide, I will walk you through steps by steps procedures to enable and use Coin Master ghost mode on mobile (Android and iPhone) and PC (Windows and Mac).

Coin Master Ghost Mode

How to Revoke Coin Master Access on Facebook

To switch to ghost mode on Coin Master you first need to revoke the access granted the app while logging in to the game or when you accepted the friend invite before joined.

Facebook App

If you are on mobile follow the approach below to revoke Coin Master access from your Facebook account.

  • Launch the Facebook mobile app on your phone. [Android & iPhone]
  • Click on the “Hamburger” below the messenger notifications.
  • Click on the “Facebook Settings.”
  • Find and click on “Apps and Websites.”
  • Click on the “Edit” button on “Logged in with Facebook.”
  • Click on the “Edit” button on “Coin Master”.
  • To switch to “Ghost Mode” click on “Remove App” in “Coin Master Details.”

Note: The process above will remove your Coin Master login and you will appear ghost to your friends. Now, all big raids on your coins and village attack will be denied since your friends will no longer be able to find you playing the game.

How to Play Coin Master in Ghost Mode

To enable Coin Master ghost mode just follow the steps below. The approach is simple and direct.

  • Remove “Coin Master” from “Apps and Websites” in Facebook app.
  • Launch the “Coin Master” app on your phone or PC.
  • Select “Ghost Mode.”
  • Done.

That is how to play Coin Master in ghost mode. Whenever you want to continue building your empire, close the game, and log in with your Facebook account. All coins and village will remain intact without any attack on you.

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