List of Coin Master Rare Cards

Previously on Haktuts free spins and coin master link daily we discussed how to get Coin Master rare cards. If you missed the article, kindly refer to how to get rare cards while playing Coin Master. However, in this guide today, we will consider the full list of Coin Master rare cards you can get on Coin Master.

In a short while, you will get all information relating to rare cards on Coin Master to be able to set a target for yourself on which of the rare cards to get and how to make use of them.

What are Coin Master Rare Cards?

The word rare means it’s scarce or hard to get. But, what exactly are Coin Master rare cards and why are the cards rare to get?

Rare cards on Coin Master are classified based on their stars and availabilities. Each Coin Master players are rewarded upon completing each card set collection.

The type of card set collection that is completed determines the type of rare cards that you will be rewarded. Rare cards with more stars are not easy to collect.

So, to determine whether a card is rare or not when you completed a set of card collections you first need to watch out for the card stars.

Rare cards are not available in similar ways normal cards are made available in the chest, trading group, or probably while raiding.

To collect cards collection and huge reward it is better to focus on getting rare cards on Coin Master.

Types of Coin Master Rare Cards

Coin Master rare cards are classified into five different categories with each card under each categories having a different collection set name.

Rare Cards on Coin Master

Very Rare Cards

  • Armstrong (Circus)
  • Barrel Tank (Goblins)
  • Blizz (?)
  • Crusader (Space Travel)
  • Cosmic Carl (Space Travel)
  • Farmer Feng (China)
  • Jolly Jasper (Haunted House)
  • Martian Lettuce (Sand Land)
  • The Beast (Haunted House)
  • Top Knut (Warriors)
  • Torero (Spain)

High Rare Cards

  • Andromeda (Space)
  • Aztec Princess (Tribe)
  • Creaky Crow (Baba Yaga)
  • Elder Elk (Forest)
  • Hotrod (?)
  • Hobby Horse (Toys)
  • Kettle (Mongolia)
  • Mythical Tune (Beanstalks)
  • Punky (Pet Salon)
  • Santa (Christmas)
  • Satyr (Mythical)
  • Smoking Pipe (Sherlock)

Mid-Rare Cards

  • Baby Triss (Dinos)
  • Cleopatra (Egypt)
  • Excalibur (Ice Queen)
  • Fighting Fred (?)
  • Fighting Monk (Robin Hood)
  • Gentle Delphi (Dinos)
  • Kingsfoil (Forest)
  • Nessie (Scotland)
  • Portly Pete (Toys)
  • Tall Tim (Dinos)

Low Rare Cards

  • Cheerful Chad (Gnomes)
  • Evidence (Sherlock)
  • Flamingo (Alice)
  • Flamur the Flutist (Swiss)
  • Fondue (Swiss)
  • Frida (Mexico)
  • Genie (Heroes)
  • Gnome House (Gnomes)
  • Holy Monk (Legends)
  • Jelly Fish (?)
  • Little Lenya (Goblins)
  • Medusa (Mythical)
  • Merry Matilda (Beanstalks)
  • Mighty Wizard (Legends)
  • Mythical Dome (Mythical)
  • Phantom (Venice)
  • Santa’s Helper (Christmas)
  • Santa’s Sled (Christmas)
  • Scarecrow (OZ)
  • Silverback (?)

Very Low Rare Cards

  • African Warrior (Heroes)
  • Builder Beaver (Canada)
  • Caring Cathy (Mongolia)
  • Cleopatra (Egypt)
  • Diablo (Halloween)
  • El Tiger (Beasts)
  • Holy Monk (Legends)
  • Kettle (Mongolia)
  • Magic Tree (Plants)
  • Martian Wine (Sand Land)
  • Mastership (?)
  • Olympias (Mythical)
  • Pink Eddy (Africa)
  • Sneaky Jaguar (Tribe)
  • Toto (OZ)

How to Get Coin Master Rare Card

The higher the level you attained in playing the Coin Master the better the chance you have to win more rare cards. However, to win big in a single spin such as 400 Coin Master spins you need a rare card which is different from the normal cards.

There are known two ways to get rare cards on Coin Master and these are:

  1. Collect rare cards through the chest.
  2. Get rare card using cards trade approach.

How to Trade Cards

Whether you have a gold rare card or not, here is how to utilize the Coin Master cards trading approach to get more rare cards to accumulate huge wins or coins and spins.

  • Open the Coin Master game.
  • Open your card collections and find the card to trade.
  • Click on the set that contains the card to trade or send.
  • Find the card you wish to send if you have multiple cards in the collection.
  • Click on the send button and find the friends you want to send the card to.
  • And click on “Send.”

Now, if you are trading the card for coins or spins you need to hint the friend you send the card to fulfil his or her obligation.

It’s advisable to log out of Coin Master and appear Ghost mode on the game if you do not want your friends to raid your coins and attack your village.

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