How to Fix Pname com Google Android Voicesearch

Don’t be panic with Pname com Google Android voicesearch folder package in your hidden files. It’s not a virus and neither is it a malware. It’s a mere package name to house the Google voice search information on your Android phone.

So when you unhide the folder in your phone file manager or with EX file explorer and you come across just know that the folder is created because you are using or you have used the Google voice assistant app in the past or you are still using it.

The Google assistant voice search is a quick way to use your voice to control your phone. With the voice tag, you can perform virtually all tasks with the phone right in your palm.

However, to make the voice tag information secure and accessible by users there is a package folder “” containing all the information such as SMS, voice calls, text messages, and other basic information you have control on your phone with the voice search feature on your Android device.

Almost all the entire apps we use on Android has a package name in a different format to help make vital information accessible at an appropriate time. Take, for instance, the Facebook Messenger Pname com Facebook orca and the Facebook app katana package name.

Pname com Google Android voicesearch

The Go SMS Pro which is an app to manage all messengers on smartphones also has a package name ““. So, whenever you see a package name on your phone that you don’t identify you don’t need to rush to delete it as the package name will be recreated once you re-launch the parent app on your phone.

Should I Delete Pname com Google Android Voicesearch Folder?

There is no need to Delete the Google Android voice search package name from your phone as the app will automatically re-create the folder itself without a permission.

Folder like is a valid file or folder require to make the Google voice search run smoothly on Android. In a real sense, the folder is a hidden folder.

If you have to unhide all hidden folders you will not have access to the package name or any .folder package in your phone.

The truth is to remove the voice search package name you have to delete or uninstall the voice search app from your phone. If you are using a default voice search feature on Android OSs there is no way to remove it. But, if you are using an app to serve as your voice search, removing the app will delete all its components from your phone including the app package name.


If you are hopeless on how to fix the Google voice search error message displaying whenever you launch the voice search app on your phone here is how to fix it. And since Pname com Google Android voicesearch isn’t a virus or a malware a mere clearing the app caches will do the magic.

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Scroll down to apps or applications manager
  • Find the Google Android voice search app from the list of apps
  • Tap on the Google Android voice search icon
  • Under the app icon tap on storage
  • Then, tap on clear caches

This will reset the voice search app and fix the popup error the app us causing. However, you can also tap on the more option to tap on the reset apps preferences to reset all the apps without deleting your data.

Also, do not mistake clear data for clear caches. They do not mean the same thing according to Android configuration rules. When you select clear data all your information in the specified app will be cleared and you will need to re-enter then again to gain access while clearing caches to reset the app without deleting user’s information.

Were you able to fix Pname com Google Android voicesearch error message on your phone? Please do let us know.

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