Pname com svox Langpack Installer

Text to speech is a tool to transcribe text to speech on smartphones which makes it easy to easy convert words you write to a speech for you. However, the TTS app has a package name, “”.

Therefore, if you come across the Pname com svox langpack installer on your phone it means that the  TTS app is currently active directly or indirectly. If you have not downloaded the app on your, it could be someone else’s has done that.

However, this is not a virus and you don’t have to be panic when you come across this hidden folder on your phone. Literally, all package names are hidden folders on Android devices, so, when the package names which may include the,, com.facebook.katana,, it means that the feature to hide them is not enabled.

However, none of these is a virus. They all package names to make the respective app work perfectly.

Do you want to start using text to speech app on your Android and iOS devices? For Android users, download this app to transcribe from texts on your phone into a direct speech. This is the official Google text to speech.

You can also download the APK version or the Mod version from popular APK sites. You can also check TutuApp for a headway to download all apps including text to speech app.

For the best Text-to-Speech for iOS devices, this is the best app recommended for transcribing text to a direct speech.

Meanwhile, both Android and iOS users can use the default text-to-speech feature to turn texts to speech on their device. However, you need to note that irrespective of the procedure used, the folder will still be created. Example

How to Enable Text-to-Speech on iDevice

If you have an iOS device running iOS9/iOS10/iOS11/iOS12 here is how to enable the text to speech feature without using any other apps from the Apple store or from a third-party apps store.

  • Go to settings >> General >> Accessibility
  • Tap speak selection
  • Toggle to enable the option and adjust the text to speech rate you would like to use
  • Now, once this option is enabled and adjusted to suits your need. Go to any website and highlight the text you want to listen to as a speech and wait until an option pops up, tap speak
  • Your device will start reading the highlighted words to you

Isn’t technology great?

Activate Text to Speech on Android

The is for all devices including Windows and Mac. Therefore, Android users also have a way to enjoy this feature without installing an additional app.

  • Go to phone settings >> Accessibility >> Text-to-speech output
  • Tap on Google text to speech output under prefer engine
  • Go to general to adjust speech rate. This is the rate at which the texts are spoken
  • Tap on install voice data
  • Select your language if not set as default before
  • Download the language package
  • Tap the downloaded language package and select the output voice you prefer from the list of options
  • Tap OK.

Once this is done you can now go to any website, highlight the text until you see speak copy, and then select Speak. However, you can also use this features outside website. You can use it on WhatsApp and other platforms on the device that supports highlight.

Meanwhile, in some devices, the test to speech is replaced with talkback. Therefore, once you click on the accessibility and the only thing you see is talkback, you have to select it and follow the other procedure to complete the setup.

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