Unfortunately, com.google.process.gapps

Do not be panic if you are faced with the “Unfortunately, com.google.process.gapps or com.google.process.gapps has stopped unexpectedly. Early hour of today I was left alone in the thought of Gapps app error message on my phone and couldn’t do anything other than to close whatever I was doing.

I won’t waste time explaining what Gapps app is and what the app does on Android phones. However, if you are used to a custom ROM, Gapps app isn’t what you should be familiar with.

I want to believe you know that Gapps means Google apps. However, when encountering the “Unfortunately, com.google.process.apps has stopped means you have a problem with Google apps.

However, here, I’d share as many as possible means to solve the com.google.process.gapps has stopped working.


Fix Unfortunate, com.google.process.gapps Error

Here are the procedures to fix the com.google.process.gapps has stopped working on Android.

Clear App Caches /App Preferences

Clearing phone caches help to fix problems like Pname com error message on Android, fix the GoSMS Pro emanated from a package name titled pname.com.jb.gosms, com.facebook.appmanager etc. And the same Gapps error can also be cleared flushing your device caches. If you are having problems with Google voice search, here is how to fix process.com.android.phone.googlesearch.

  • Go to phone settings
  • Tap on the apps or applications manager
  • Tap on the more options menu beside the gear settings icon
  • Tap reset app preferences
  • From the pop up click on reset app

This will reset app apps including the apps caches and this won’t harm or hurt your data for a reason.

Refresh Download Manager

Actually, I accidentally refresh my phone download manager and it helps me fix the “Unfortunately, gapps apps from Google has stopped working. So, if you have access to your device download manager, refreshing the app would help fix the error message.

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Tap apps or applications manager
  • Click on “download manager”
  • Tap on disable or force to stop
  • Re-enable the manager again
  • Now, tap on storage
  • There you’d see two options and tap clear caches (Do not clear app data so you won’t lose most of your important files or information)

Refresh or Restart Google Service Framework

Google framework has a lot of features and usefulness on Android. However, when you keep experience Google framework has stopped and com.google.android.gapps has stopped. You definitely have to look after it and clear the app caches.

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Tap on apps or applications manager
  • Make sure you swipe to all apps
  • Then, open Google service framework
  • Tap on the app details for more information
  • Tap on clear caches

Now, the com.gooogle.android.gapps has stopped working.

Do a Factory Reset

Although, personally, I don’t do advise formatting your device if you don’t have the latest backup of your phone. However, if you ever think to format or reset your device for this obscure error message, do connect your phone to a PC and back up your device before formatting it.

Formatting your device will finally fix this problem. If not done with consciousness with the latest backup or backup your device to the recent file information you may lose vital information.

Note: Before you embark or formatting your device, first, restart your device multiple of time and this could help fix it.

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